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Posted on November 30, 2011 by admin

Last December I moved into my very first apartment. I was grateful for my own space, but the 1970’s décor meant it was going to need a lot of work and love to get it to feel like home in time for Christmas. I took a few days off work to try and get it all done. One lunch-time I was covered in paint and sweat, frantically decorating, and drinking tea out of a polystyrene cup. I heard a knock at the door – my first visitors! – and opened it to find my colleagues in the hallway with several pizzas and a big bottle of Pepsi.  After lunch, my manager grabbed a roller and started painting a wall in the bedroom. Another one of my colleagues started scraping wallpaper. I was so grateful for the food, and even more grateful for the help! On Christmas Eve, I sat down by my beautiful Christmas tree to wrap some last-minute presents, with not a single paint can or cardboard box in sight. My apartment felt like home, and it was all because of the generosity and love that my colleagues, friends and neighbours had shown throughout Advent.


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