Kirstie Tomlin – ‘Kirstie’

Posted on November 30, 2011 by admin

In my teens and twenties I worked in a record shop – yes I was that cool! My Mum was always concerned about one of my fellow co-workers who she thought looked too thin. Just before Christmas one year we caught him in the supermarket looking wistfully at some food, checking his wallet, and walking away. With a bit of casual chit chat back in the shop it turned out he was living on his own and was clearly struggling. As soon as I relayed the information to Mum she went and purchased an array of nice Christmas treats, including what he had been eyeing up.  I gave it to him on the quiet and, after his initial protests, he accepted. It didn’t stop there; each week when Mum went shopping she’d buy some extra tins which I’d pass on. Amazingly, I bumped into him at an event last year.  He came up and hugged me but I didn’t recognise him; he’s a healthy weight now.  The first thing he asked me was how my Mum was, whilst introducing me to his adorable family, telling them all about Mum and her kindness, and insisting on buying me a cuppa.  I like a happy ending.


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